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About us - Since 1919

The story of the JERUZALEM SAT oil and feed mill from Središče ob Dravi dates back to 1919, when the production of pumpkin seed oil began. This is also evidenced by the records of the Središče chronicle. It was managed by the Vargazon family. Središče oil mill, a limited liability company, was founded in 1927 and one of the three partners was Helena Vargazon, the wife of Karl Vargazon. Today, the company Jeruzalem SAT oljarna in mešalnica Središče d.o.o. is located at the same location, which is owned by the employees and participating members.

We preserve the tradition of oil production in Središče ob Dravi from generation to generation. Years of production and experience of oil production allow us to produce Styrian Prekmurje pumpkin oil, which is produced according to a natural traditional process, by the recipe of our ancestors. It is classified in the highest quality class and among Slovenian protected special agricultural products or foods with a geographical indication. We are also a member of the GIZ GOLICA association for Styrian Prekmurje pumpkin seed oil Slovenia. Pumpkin seeds are carefully selected from local growers, who grow them in the fields with the most sun in the Prlekija and Prekmurje regions.

We are a team that works with pleasure and produces pumpkin seed oil with passion. You will feel this passion and love of our pumpkin seed oil at the first drop you taste.

Pumpkin seed oil is a great addition to different dishes and salads and can be used in any diet to create a real gourmet pleasure. Pumpkin seed oil is also used in cosmetics and for medicinal purposes.

With the knowledge and experience of our ancestors, we make sure that our consumers get the highest quality natural unrefined pumpkin seed oil with no additives.

Our strategy is to make excellent pumpkin seed oil of the highest quality, develop innovative products made of pumpkins and pumpkin seed oil and to connect with local providers of different products. Because we believe in our success, we strive to provide you only with the best.

Our aim is to impress visitors and consumers with pumpkin delicacies, which are a real culinary experience.